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Product Experience (PX)

Product experience is what drives the customers’ perceptions of product design, features, and functions, which influence their purchase and usage behaviour.

Product experience is a subset of the entire user experience. It focuses on the entirety of the customer journey that takes place within the product itself. It’s from the first time a customer logs in until the final time they quit using an application. Everything occurring within the digital “four walls” of a product contributes to the product experience.

How does PX differ from UX?

User experience (UX) focuses on the particular encounters a user has with a product, whereas PX takes a more comprehensive approach to the complete customer journey within the product.

Why does PX matter?

Users’ expectations are rising as a result of intuitive product experiences. Now, having a great user experience is not enough. Customers want wonderful products that adapt to their needs, engage them, and serve their purpose.

How to improve Product Experience?

Product experience can be improved by analyzing user behavior, improving user onboarding, offering in-app support, and product training to make it more efficient.